Frostie ~ A is for Alfred

Frostie ~ A is for Alfred

Alfi meets Frostie - the crystal PVC cat mask with black embellishments by KLF.

I was hoping for snowy winter landscape, or at least a gloomy day to set the mood right, instead we got a very sunny afternoon off to take some photos with one of my new mask designs. So, hiding in the shadows of the cathedrals and back alleys, looking for shade, I present to you - A.

Make up - cat eye liner vs ''Mad Max'' black oily eyes.

Kat Mask

The actual mask.

Kat Mask Profile

Profile mask.


Meet A.

The black door.

Passer by.

Winter birds.


 Visuals - Ekaterina Videva.

Model - Alfi.

20.01.2017 - Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK

Mask available on here or my Etsy

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