Ashbury Heights meets KatzLittleFactory 2016 Promo shoot

Hello and Welcome!

First blog entry from KatzLittleFactory here. I will try and write about various sparkly events in my work and show you some of behind the scenes and inside the factory itself.

One of the most exciting collaborations this year is having to make accessories for the band Ashbury Heights from Sweden! The guys had a gig at Infest Festival (Bradford, UK 2014) and I got to meet and hang out with them for a bit. I have admired Tea`s style and modeling for a while already and it was real fun getting to know them both. It was one of those times when a design and material just instantly fit and found their new owner.

The main piece is iridescent mirror purple body brace with black Cyber Flowers, custom made colour for the shiny purple lady Tea Thime, combined it with various size Cyber Flowers and she clipped one on Anders coat and few on her heels and around.

iridescent mirror purple body brace with black Cyber Flowers

Spying on the band on Instagram. #AshburyHeights

Ashbury Heights

Behind the scenes video - beautiful Tea and Anders wearing KatzLittleFactory accessories. Promo shoot for their upcoming album "The Victorian Flowers". Photographed by Josefine Jonsson in Stockholm 2016, dress by Coquetry Clothing. 

Really excited to be able hold this album (The Victorian Flowers) in my hands soon and a see a small part of me in it.

You can check their Youtube chanel as well (linked to Spotify and Amazon).

Ashbury Heights

More about this story when the album comes out!