Our Story

Once upon a time, amidst the picturesque landscapes of Yorkshire, in the north of England, a captivating journey began. Enter Kat, a visionary designer and creatrix, driven by her curiosity for nature's enigmatic mechanics and cybernetic visions. Her need for self-expression led her to create wearable dark fashion accessories. Thus, KatzLittleFactory was born. But KatzLittleFactory is more than a mere fashion brand - it is the culmination of Ekaterina Videva's personal journey, from aspiring artist to self-taught designer.

Kat has always been passionate about art and design. Long before the official launch of KatzLittleFactory in 2011, Kat created clothes and accessories for herself and her friends. Soon she was attracting attention and receiving requests from other people eager to embrace her distinctive aesthetic. Driven by her need for adventure, and passion for heavy music and all things GOTH, Kat left the sunny beaches of Bourgas, Bulgaria, for the dark and misty hills of Yorkshire.

KatzLittleFactory is the means through which Kat brings her visions into existence. Every encounter, every connection, and every technique explored is inspiration for her remarkable pieces. Her meticulousness and exceptional artistry yields exquisite items that stand out, not only visually but also in their impeccable quality.

Take, for instance, the awe-inspiring 'Cleo' headdress, adorned with nearly a hundred discs, intricately linked together. Kat assembles these pieces by hand, artfully combining the discs, studs, spikes, and beads. The result is a striking headpiece that evinces both beauty and intricacy; the balance of textures, shapes, and details completely catches the eye.

At KatzLittleFactory, we invite you on an extraordinary journey of self-expression and transformation. Let our wearable works of art empower you.