I had the pleasure of discovering La Rissa at INFEST 2023 and I was instantly in awe. Their performance was so electrifying that I couldn't tear myself away - I left my shop stall so I could watch their full set and then there she was after the show - NOT WEARING anything KatzLittleFactory. I had to fix that! ⛓️ 

Larissa chose our 'BABE BIJIOUX' tiny chain headpiece, which I think was so fitting - I love that match because of their song 'JUST OBEY' with the 'babe-daddy' lyrics! 🖤 Got a signed CD and a band tee, obviously.

La Rissa wearing BABE BIJIOUX with KLF
Signed La Rissa CD

Band interview with ELEKTRO VOX and she kept on the headpiece throughout the night!🖤

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