Frayle singer posing in gothic head harness with spikes.


We celebrate two Autumns with All Things FRAYLE

Doomer's heart beats slow - a match made in hell. 🔥🫀

I didn't know who they were until Bela Lugosi's Dead was released. Three music videos, many live shows, tour posters, album artworks and more later, my passion for heavy music combined with stunning dark visuals, has made me a lifelong fan. Count me in!



'Bela Lugosi's Dead' - Oct 2021

Gwyn is wearing our SPIKE head harness in glossy back with spiky muzzle. It was the lightweight version on that strap back then.



'All the Things I Was' - Oct 2022

Weeping against my screen watching a secret preview and my work on display. LEVEL UP! Gwen Strang wearing our DRIBBLE headpiece with custom clear headband and jet black glass crystals. I just LOVE the way the piece moves when she sings, synchronized with the pendulum. The dead body is wearing the SPIKE head harness.

The video came out week before Damnation festival 2022 and we managed to chat about how they filmed it and and all their other props - wondering how to dispose of a bloody nylon sheet from the video and where, so they don't get a call about a crime scene. Blog solely about meeting them in a bit!



'Head Down' - June 2023

Lucky again to see my pieces on another music video and this shattering cover of Sound Garden. Slow'n'Heavy, BABE!

Gothic model profile portrait wearing a headdress with chains and spike headband. Singer of Frayle on stage performing in gothic skeleton dress with a costume spiky headpiece.

Absolute QUEEN of all things sparkly in the night. Wearing our CALLA headpiece containing chain face harness front with clear spike headband.

Band Frayle European tour poster featuring costume accessory by KatzLittleFactory Frayle screenshot of Spotify band promo image wearing KatzLittleFactory spiky head harness.

European tour poster belongs here with our DRIBBLE mask in black.

That fills my heart every time I open Spotify.

Frayle vocalist outfit contains Gothic gown with cross necklace and a chain mask with black droplets. Frayle band picture by Jeremy Saffer wearing KatzLittleFactory head harness.

Frayle band pictures by Jeremy Saffer.

Second blog to follow with meeting them at their UK debut at Damnation festival.

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